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Dr. G. Duncan Harris, PresidentDuncanHarris

This is an exciting time in the history of community colleges as our nation’s legislators, corporations, and philanthropic entities have recognized, in word and deed, the role community colleges can play in preparing an educated, globally competitive, workforce.  The NCBAA is committed to being a key player and resource in advancing this national agenda through providing beneficial professional development and networking opportunities for those interested.

As you may know, NCBAA is an affiliate of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) founded in 1972.  We have rededicated ourselves to the organization’s mission:

  • Improving educational opportunities and professional development for African-American students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Developing collaborative relationships with educational, business, and public service institutions with compatible goals.
  • Networking to maximize the achievement of career goals for African-American students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Ensuring the articulation of positions on issues affecting African-Americans in the formulation of policy and decision-making.

One of the goals we have as an organization this year, is to grow membership through sharing the NCBAA ROI Story (Return on Investment).  I’ve been a member of this group since 2005 and have found my affiliation with NCBAA to have been a transformative component of my professional development.  I’ve participated in the Leadership Development Institute, served on various committees, presented at NCBAA conferences and, perhaps most importantly, made a host of new professional colleagues and personal friends.  Through my affiliation with NCBAA, I have been able to develop a professional network I can rely on from California to Maryland (and the states in between!)  I have been able to consult with these individuals on everything from FERPA compliance to the key components in building retention programs for minority male students.  My investment in, and affiliation with, NCBAA has yielded immeasurable “dividends” over time.  If you have any questions about NCBAA, or are interested in learning more about the NCBAA ROI, feel free to email me or any of our board members.  We’d be glad to have you join us.

As president I welcome your input – please do not hesitate to contact me at gharris@mcc.commnet.edu.   I look forward to working with you to improve the educational and professional outcomes of the faculty, staff, students and administrators we serve.


Collegial Regards

G. Duncan Harris, Ed. D.

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