Minority Male Initiative (MMI)

The purpose of the Presidents’ Roundtable Minority Male Initiative is to develop, and promote an effort focused on increasing the attendance, persistence and completion of post-secondary programs for minority males. The Initiative


  • Closing the achievement gap
  • Promote policies and programs that facilitate access and post-secondary success
  • Create Sustainable, collaborative partnerships including the procurement of external resources
  • Push for legislative focus a, reforms, and funding
  • Serve as a clearing house of information

Initiative Goals

  1. Create a national repository for data collection and analysis
  2. To engage minority males in multiple experiences that are designed to connect them to college in order to facilitate their academic, social, and emotional success.
  3. To ensure minority males prosper economically and professionally.
  4. To build a cadre of future leaders who are competent, caring and culturally aware of their commitment to the liberation of their communities.
  5. Create an annual Minority Male Conference

The Men of Color Student Leadership Institute serves as a venue for practitioners and students to come together to discuss challenges and opportunities within the National Minority Male Initiative. Broad parameters to be addressed at the Institute are:

  1. Leadership and character development for students enrolled in the National Minority Male Initiative consortia initiatives
  2. Engagement of participants in dialogue about best practices
  3. Identification of new and emerging challenges
  4. Improvement of faculty and student service development to ensure that consortia are able to meet the goals of the project